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UK Company Formation

UK Limited Company formation

A UK limited company is a separate legal entity from its owners and as long as the business is operated legally in accordance with the companies act the owners’ personal assets are safeguarded from creditors and any winding up processes.

As a sole trader you can also be under attack from employment tribunals, creditors, health and safety disputes, insurance claims and tax liabilities. By running your business through a limited company, you can minimize the effect on your personal assets.

A limited company also has added tax benefits for shareholders and directors. At JHB Associates OÜ we can incorporate your company within 3 hours by our integrated IT systems If you would like to form a company, please call +44 200 888 2175 and speak to one of our advisors.

We offer a fast incorporation service and a registered office and mail forwarding service.

Given recent developments regarding Brexit it may be advisable if you trade from the European Union into the United Kingdom that you seriously consider a UK company.

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