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Offshore Companies

Offshore Companies

Offshore companies are a legal, sensible way for individuals and business owners to pay less tax. An offshore company can be used to help provide for your family, avoid inheritence tax, capital gains tax and much more. The setting up process and incorporation can be complex and confusing and many websites are simply resellers who do not explain some basic requirements that come with forming an offshore company. For example, many people pay in advance for a company only to realize that they are not able to open a bank account further down the line. We will assist you from the very start of the process and ensure that your company is structured correctly from the start with NO HIDDEN FEES and explain fully the need, if any, for notarization of documents, due diligence procedures and whether the use of a nominee service is advisable.

At JHB Associates OÜ we are act as corporate service providers. We have many trusted associated agents that we work alongside and can provide a cost effective professional service.

An offshore company works just in the same way that a UK company works. For example clients are given original company certificates, memorandums of articles and association and a choice of international bank accounts which can be opened from the UK. Some, not all of the jurisdictions we work with are Tax Free havens and we can advise clients on confidential structures to legally minimize their tax burdens.

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