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Offshore and International Banking

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"The majority of online companies simply do not create your offshore account in the correct way. This can leave you open to risk. Use JHB Associates and do things the right way - first time!"

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Offshore and International Banking

Private individual and Corporate bank account service

Contact us for an appraisal prior to applying for an offshore bank accounts. We will be able to assess your situation and give you advice on your ability to be approved. It is getting increasingly difficult to open an offshore bank account and we can take the hassle out of the application process.

We have a fast and professional account opening service, based in various jurisdictions. Our offshore banking partners offer all our clients a fast opening procedure, online banking, international transfers and a debit or credit card for convenience.

All the banks we work with have their own due diligence procedures, however, there is usually no need to visit the bank itself. All our clients will need to produce the following core documents prior to acceptence however there are no credit checks.

  • Copy Passport
  • Copy Utility Bill or proof of address

All documents can be submitted online, we can handle all the necessary paperwork and liase with the bank throughout the process. There is no need to travel to the bank in person, everything can be done remotely using scanned documents.

  • No credit checks for UK individuals
  • No visit to the bank required
  • Debit cards and secure online banking with international transfers
  • Confidential private banking

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