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Private Capital

Investment Capital is a vital component to any business, whether you are interested in securing finance for a new venture, to fuel growth for your business, refinancing existing debt, recapitalising your existing ownership, funding an acquisition, or a verity of other uses of cash, we are well positioned to assist you accomplish those goals.

We can raise all tranches of funding, including venture capital, senior debt, mezzanine debt, and/or equity. We have a robust network of private equity investors that are actively seeking investment opportunities. From the rise of emerging markets to the need to serve customers globally, there are numerous trends fuelling cross-border activity in the financial industry.

The Way Forward

The right way to secure any type of lending is to present a professionally constructed business plan which answers all questions any potential investor will ask before considering your proposal.

If necessary, our team of experienced consultants will help and guide you in reformatting your existing business plan to ensure, not only the best possible outcome, but reach a speedy decision from a lending source which is often needed when closing agreements dependant on Investor participation in your business idea’s and plans for your future.

Cross-Border Finance

We offer finance for the following :

  • New business Venture Capital
  • Commercial Property Investment
  • Construction finance
  • Hire Purchase
  • Leasing
  • Refinancing
  • Insurance
  • Industry expertise
  • Agriculture finance
  • Aviation finance
  • Engineering finance
  • Manufacturing finance
  • Marine finance
  • Packaging finance
  • Print finance
  • Professional services finance
  • Transport & logistics
  • Waste & recycling finance
  • Bus and coach finance
  • Car finance
  • Excavator finance
  • HGV truck finance
  • Manufacturing machinery finance
  • Printing equipment finance
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